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Consumer Healthcare Products
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Ostora Advance For Importing Durgs And Medical Appliances

Ostora Advance  is a leading pharmaceutical company in the Republic of Yemen, established at 20-10-2021 with registration number:17812 specialized in providing all products and services related to the medical field (medicines, equipment and medical accessories).
Since its establishment, the company has been striving to meet all the wishes and aspirations of its valued customers with professionalism, credibility and loyalty. The company has a qualified administrative staff with long experience in the medical field.
Ostora Advance  is committed to building relationships with its customers in accordance with the principles of transparency and clarity. It is inspired by the aspirations of its distinguished customers and is moving towards providing outstanding medical service to the ranks of leading companies at the national, regional and international levels. 


Ostora Advance For Importing Durgs And Medical Appliances

About us

Ostora Advance is a specialty pharmaceutical company established at 20-10-2021 with registration number:17812 engaged in importing, marketing, promotion, and distribute quality-finished medicines and healthcare products to the entire of Yemen. Our stratagey depend on stable and planed business steps. We prefer to establish strong, and long-term business relationship with our suppliers and customers as well.


To be a leader among the top Pharmaceutical Distributors in Yemen and arabic region. we aim to have enriched regional value products aligned with regional market.


we are committed to Importing, Distributing and marketing high quality generic pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. We believe all patients taking our medications, wherever they are located in Yemen, are entitled to the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Ostora Advance

Our Services

Rx Pharmaceuticals & Prescription Drugs

We have dedicated medical representative teams that market brands of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers across a wide spectrum of therapy areas including hematology, pediatrics, women’s health, pain and anesthesia,and more. .

Consumer Healthcare Products

Ostora Advance offers all types of health and beauty care products, It has contracted with many companies specialized in this field to meet the needs of the society by providing high quality products

Medical& Surgical Solution

We market a broad range of medical technologies and medical equipment to all major hospitals and sick funds in Yemen. Our products include cutting edge surgical equipment, patient’s monitors, dialysis machines, intensive medicine and hospital

Ostora Advance Features


The trust of our customers is what made our company in the ranks of leading medical companies in the Yemeni market


We believe that meeting the requirements of our customers is the core of our work, but we never compromise about the quality of what we offer with international standards.

Customer Service

Ostora Advance has done all efforts through an experienced and professional customer service team to provide the best medical services with trustworthy and honesty. (Our customers are the basis of our success)


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Address : Alnahdha Zone-next to Alhadi Supermarket Mobile number: 777427420